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Corporate Social Responsibility

Sankofa recognises that a focus on the societal impact of businesses and performance on wider Environmental, Social and Governance factors has increased in recent years. Sankofa has a unique role to play in positively impacting society and helping to preserve the environment. It is our fundamental belief that we can and must do business in a way that does good.

At the centre of Sankofa’s ethos, is focus on how we can support the people, and give back to the wider community, both socially and environmentally. Subsequently Sankofa will be donating a small proportion of our profits to supporting agricultural lead initiative projects throughout the country.


We believe that a strong, inclusive economy is a better economy for everyone. A vibrant, skilled workforce ensures that businesses can thrive and that individuals, along with their families and wider communities, can achieve financial independence and security.

Our Vision


In our research, we found that one of the largest issues for African economies is, Africa’s ‘Brain Drain’. African countries have cultivated a general consensus amongst the people, that encourages the great minds and industry leaders in Africa, to leave the continent for careers in other countries and promises of greener pastures.

As an independent financial educational institution, we aim to reduce the impact of the ‘Brain Drain’ at present, and prevent its continuing pattern, by adequately educating young minds to pursue financial careers and opportunities in their homeland.

Our courses aim to provide Ghanaian citizens and expatriates to with holistic and specific material; covering personal finance, enabling them to apply sufficient financial acumen when attempting to use investment vehicles in Ghana financial markets.

With this, we will nurture a mindset for individuals inside & outside of Ghana, determined and excited to invest their capital into the Ghanaian economy, as opposed to the notion that they must invest abroad for more opportunities and return on investments.

Our subscription service will range from $110 per month with a one-off subscription fee of $2500.

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